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Biology and DNA

The biology laboratory is a forensics lab experienced in producing DNA from every biological source, comparing DNA and analyzing mixtures.


The laboratory’s experts are forensic biologists capable of using DNA results and other biological evidence as the basis for analyzing possible scenarios. The experts at the biology lab of the Institute of Forensic Science command extensive experience in analyzing mixed profiles.

The Biology and DNA section focuses on four topics

DNA of Animals and Plants

Examination of Body Fluids

Analysis and comparison of DNA


Analysis and Comparison of DNA

The genetic profile we carry is unique to every person and makes everyone different from anybody else.


The genetic baggage we carry is concentrated within the cell inside its nucleus as a nucleic acid called deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA.


The genetic profile is found in the body’s cells of each person and also in the body’s various secretions.


Forensic laboratories examine DNA fragments, which are not encoded, for their properties, and this way, it is possible to both make identifications and to avoid violating a person’s privacy.


The analysis and comparison of DNA makes it possible to answer, among others, the following questions

human, plant or animal 

Is the DNA human, or does it belong to an animal or plant


of which biopsy

Does a certain biological sample belong to a specific person?

Who does the DNA belong to?

Does the DNA found at a certain location belong to a specific person


whose child 

אם מי שנחשבים לאב או אם הם באמת ההורים הביולוגיים?

presence of several people

Does the DNA found at a certain location contain material from more than one person


of the secretion water

To which living creature does a certain secretion or a certain biological fragment belong?


man or woman

What is the gender of the person whose DNA was found (male or female)?

The comparison of DNA is of decisive importance for criminal investigations, matrimonial and family cases as well as in every case a person’s identification is required.

DNA of Animals and Plants

The genetic cargo of animals and plants makes it possible to identify species and to make comparisons between specimens.
Equally, the secretions of animals contain the genetic cargo of the animal in question.


The comparison of the DNA of plants and animals makes it possible to answer, among others, the following questions

Genetic Engineering

Has a certain plant been genetically engineered (genetically modified organism)?

What animal are we looking at (the animal’s species)? Does a certain secretion belong to a specific animal?

The examination of the DNA of plants and animals is of significance in criminal cases and in cases of pollution and environmental health. In addition, these examinations are highly important in the areas of consumerism and health.

The laboratory provides services of analysis and comparison in the following areas

Traffic accidents

Comparison of DNA, location of involved parties inside the vehicle.

Comparison of DNA, Analysis of body fluids.

Medicine and health

biopsies and DNA comparison.

 Insurance claims

Comparison of DNA, location of involved parties inside the     

vehicle, analysis of body fluids and secretions and more

Law enforcement

analysis of DNA of living creatures, analysis of body fluids of animals, and more.

Industry and agriculture

Examination of contaminations and biological parasites.

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