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The chemistry and materials laboratory is a forensics laboratory providing analysis, comparison and fracture analysis of materials.

The forensic knowledge of the laboratory’s experts provides the following

The ability to draw conclusions concerning liability and responsibility

The ability to determine the common origin of different materials 

The ability to trace the origin and source of materials


Identification and Comparison

The laboratory deals with two main topics

At the Institute of Forensic Science, it is possible to analyze materials even in minuscule quantities. The Institute holds special expertise in the comparison of materials and the assessment of their common origin even in the smallest of quantities.

At the Institute of Forensic Science, we are able to analyze and compare the following



With the help of the identification and comparison processes carried out at the Forensic Science Institute, the following questions can be answered


failure study

In our daily life, we often come across products that are broken or malfunctioning.

More than once we witness accidents that occur due to a break in a certain item. Failure research deals with finding the direct causes of the dysfunction and/or failure, as well as locating the factors that contribute to that failure.


The Institute of Forensic Science carries out failure investigations which provides answers to the following

With the help of investigating the failures, it is possible to know who or what is responsible for the failure, and it is also possible to know how to prevent the next failure. Stakeholder versions can be verified or disproved by failure investigation.

The subjects dealt with by the Department of Chemistry and Materials are divided into several areas of work

Criminal cases

The department tests substances that were also tested by the police (such as drugs), but the tests by the police were partial or insufficient.


In any case of damage to property, it is possible to find out the factors and reasons for the damage in the chemistry department of the Institute of Forensic Science. The tests performed include chemical analyses, microscopic analyses, and engineering tests.


Alongside the investigation at the scene of the fire, the chemistry department examines materials taken from the scene of the incident in order to find out if they contain fuel that indicates intentional ignition. These tests of combustion remains are unique to the chemistry department at the Institute of Forensic Science.

In fire incidents, the chemistry department also examines various objects from the scene of the incident to find out whether their functional failure caused the fire to break out.    


In cases of contamination that harms production, the chemistry department comes to the aid of the industry to perform chemical analyzes of the contamination and to assess their origin. These analyzes are complex and require the use of a variety of identification techniques and the development of unique procedures.The department also conducts investigation of component failures in production processes in the industry, and the examination of the reasons for the dysfunction of these components.

Car Accidents

The Department of Chemistry and Materials at the Institute of Forensic Science is today the only body in Israel with the knowledge and ability to compare colors. Color matching is essential in the investigation of collision accidents. In this comparison, it is checked whether paint smear found on a vehicle or a person involved in an accident, is suitable to come from another vehicle or another person involved in the accident.The department also examines marks left on those involved in the accident by other involved, in order to know the mutual directions of movement, and to understand the factors of the injury.In the chemistry and materials department, car components are tested to see if there was a failure in one of the components that caused the accident. This test also includes testing brake fluid and engine oil, to assess their quality and performance.

Medicine and Health 

In the chemistry department, failure research is carried out for medical equipment that has failed in its function to find out the reasons for the functional failure, and to know how to avoid failure in the future.In the chemistry department, analyzes are performed to detect active ingredients in medical preparations, as well as analyzes to detect prohibited or harmful substances in cosmetic preparations.

Product Quality

The quality of a product is important to its function from goals to product. The quality of the product has a direct and decisive effect on the safety of its use, on the consumer's ability to enjoy the product, on the longevity of the product, and on the relationship of trust between the consumer and the manufacturer. The Institute of Forensic Science checks whether the tested product meets the standard it is supposed to meet, and whether the product corresponds to the specifications provided by the manufacturer.



The Institute of Forensic Science conducts an investigation of failures in which the following questions can be answered

The forensic ability allows drawing conclusions regarding possible scenarios following the analysis of the findings. The tests combine expertise and technology from several fields, while providing a comprehensive and complete answer tailored to the client's needs.
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